Brian Roche’s comments unhelpful

11 June, 2015

Comments made by Brian Roche, the CEO of New Zealand Post, on the Paul Henry Show today are inaccurate, misleading, and unhelpful to workers who are going through the stress of a massive restructure.

“Brian Roche had a good joke with Paul Henry about the continued uncertainty and job losses faced by posties,” says Joe Gallagher, EPMU industry organiser for postal workers.

“This is really unhelpful. We have consistently engaged with NZ Post management on behalf of workers, and have never disagreed with the fact that mail volumes are declining.

“Our focus has always been on supporting our members and ensuring that Post continues to provide secure, full-time employment. We know that the best international models for a future-proofed postal service involve good relationships with unions and a secure employee model.

“Passive-aggressive statements about people’s ‘emotional attachments’ and needing to ‘deal with reality’ are a sad misrepresentation of our views.

“Brian Roche spoke of dealing with Post workers in a ‘really respectful and human way.’ We would argue that going on Paul Henry’s show to bash their unions and mislead the public about what’s happening, when hundreds of workers are losing their jobs, is neither respectful nor human.”

The EPMU has consistently engaged in a constructive and sincere way with New Zealand Post and will continue to do so.




For more information contact:

Joe Gallagher, EPMU industry organiser for postal workers: 0275 910 015
Stephanie​ Rodgers, EPMU communications officer: 022 269 1170