Massive changes proposed at Fairfax

28 May, 2015

Reporters and editorial staff at Fairfax Media have been informed today of a massive suite of changes to the media company, including the disestablishment of some roles.

“The changes proposed by Fairfax represent a significant shift in the way they operate, driven by technological change and the move to more online news,” says Paul Tolich, EPMU industrial officer for print and media.

“Specifically, editorial leadership roles and subediting roles will be going, and reporters will be expected to take on more oversight of their own work.”

The union is concerned that the increased focus on the digital space could mean neglect of the print media, which generates the bulk of Fairfax’s revenue.

“New Zealand needs a strong fourth estate with journalists well-supported to report the news,” says Paul Tolich. “We should not lose sight of that in the rush to put everything online.”

The EPMU will work with members on a detailed response to Fairfax’s proposal.

“Our aim is to ensure our members’ terms and conditions of employment are not eroded as they are moved from their current roles into new ones.”




For more information contact:

Paul Tolich, EPMU print and media industrial officer: 0275 935 595
Stephanie​ Rodgers, EPMU communications officer: 022 269 1170