Scott Technology lays off Christchurch workers

26 May, 2015

Thirteen workers at Scott Technology, which manufactures, services and installs equipment for the appliance industry, were informed last week that they have been made redundant.

This announcement, which came as a shock to the workers, comes after a very productive year in 2014, which saw the Scott Technology group return a healthy increased profit.

“We’ve asked the company to hold off redundancies until they know if they’ll be successful in several contracts they’re bidding on, but they’ve refused,” says Ross Heslop, EPMU organiser for the Scott Technology workers.

“They’ve indicated they want to move away from the employee model and begin relying more on temp workers to fill orders.

“This represents a loss of secure, highly-skilled jobs in the Christchurch region and puts the lie to any idea that we’ve got a rock star economy.”

The Scott Technology group has recently purchased several companies both locally and internationally.

“Our members want to see companies investing in local business and local jobs,” says Ross Heslop. “Scott Technology make a great product – they should keep making it here.”

EPMU members at Scott Technology are entitled to redundancy compensation under the terms of their collective agreement.




For more information contact:

Ross Heslop, EPMU organiser: 0275 990 108
Stephanie​ Rodgers, EPMU communications officer: 022 269 1170