Transparency needed from NZ Post on future job and service cuts

20 April, 2015

Any re-negotiation of New Zealand Post’s deed of understanding needs to be done openly and fairly, says the union for postal workers, the EPMU.

“Over the past few years, New Zealand Post has been cut to the bone as the government demands bigger and bigger dividends,” says Joe Gallagher, EPMU organiser for the postal industry.

“Already they’ve closed half their mail processing centres at a loss of hundreds of jobs, and gained permission from the government to move to three-day delivery.

“Now middle management are facing job losses – which is a natural consequence of having far fewer frontline workers.”

Despite a decline in mail volumes, New Zealand Post is still a profitable organisation and this means there is no need to be hasty about further changes to its operations.

“We want to work with New Zealand Post to ensure this core public service delivers for all New Zealanders, supports stable, fulltime employment for its workers, and adapts to the changing nature of the industry,” says Joe Gallagher.

“But we need them to talk to us.”




For more information contact:

Joe Gallagher, EPMU industry organiser for postal workers: 0275 910 015
Stephanie​ Rodgers, EPMU communications officer: 022 269 1170