Chorus must use improved copper price to invest properly in the network

3 December, 2014

Chorus must use the improved copper price to reinvest in its network and give contractors proper job security so they can retain and train up skilled workers.

The EPMU, which represents workers in the telecommunications industry, is calling on Chorus to take a strategic approach to developing the local industry

“The current situation is that a lot of companies contracted to Chorus are retrenching and restructuring because they don’t have long-term security,” says Joe Gallagher, EPMU organiser for the telco industry. “They can’t afford to take on trainees and build skills in the industry.

“Then when Chorus suddenly announces there’s a lot of work on, they’re having to bring in migrant workers at short notice. We’re seeing resentment towards those workers, but that’s unfair on them – they’re just filling a gap which has been left by Chorus’ lack of investment in its network and the wider workforce.

“Now that Chorus has won its case for a better copper price, they need to do things properly. Reinvest, plan for the future, and allow their contractors to invest in jobs and skills training.”




For more information contact:                     

Joe Gallagher, EPMU industry organiser for telecommunications: 0275 910 015
Stephanie Rodgers, communications officer: 022 269 1170