Air NZ delegate’s study success earns union scholarships

6 October, 2011

Brian Worthington credits his EPMU delegate education for giving him the motivation to study for a Graduate Diploma in Adult Learning and Teaching at Massey University.

Brian, a senior delegate at Air NZ in Auckland and convenor of the EPMU Aviation Industry Council, will complete his Diploma next month. He was recently awarded the Tom Keane and Jack Crummey Memorial scholarships by the EPMU national executive in recognition of his university study success.

Brian says he uses what he has learned through his Massey studies at work all the time. "I have learnt to use adult teaching techniques and these have helped me improve my EPMU presentations to new members, resulting in a 100% sign on rate over the last two years."

He has also been creative on the industrial front by working to set up Communities of Practice (CoP) at his company involving delegates and management as one way to improve communication and understanding between the parties. "A CoP is defined as a group of professionals meeting together in a supportive atmosphere to share ideas and develop innovative practices," says Brian.

Even though Brian has spent the last couple of years studying and working, he won't be resting up anytime soon. He has decided to continue with his studies and plans to enroll next year in the degree programme at Massey University.

"I had never seen myself getting a university qualification but I got excited by the prospect when I started doing delegate education courses," says Brian. "It's great how my union education has helped open new pathways for my learning and development and that I have been able to use this in my delegate work on the job."