Mine safety lobbying

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Mine safety lobbying

The EPMU has been lobbying for improvements to mine safety since the deregulation of the 1990s. Below are some recent press statements relating to our campaign.

Mine death prompts call for inspectors Sep 18, 2006

EPMU calls for greater mine safety Nov 12, 2007

Mine safety conviction shows need for check inspectors Jan 30, 2008

Mine safety discussion paper must lead to faster action Apr 3, 2008

Mine safety actions must include check inspectors Oct 31, 2008

Govt rejects mine check inspectors Nov 30, 2009 

EPMU mourns 29 men at Pike River Nov 24, 2010 

EPMU renews call for mine check inspectors Dec 10, 2010

Pike River update Dec 14, 2010 

Pike River update Dec 23, 2010 

Improving safety means taking workers' concerns seriously Dec 23, 2010  

Make health and safety front and centre Apr 28, 2011  

Near enough just not good enough May 10, 2011  

Key should act now on mine safety Jun 21, 2011 

Government inaction on mine safety goes back decades Jun 24, 2011

Mine safety standards seen as shocking by Australians Jun 24, 2011  

Union calls for immediate strengthening of mines inspectorate July 14, 2011  

Hearings confirm appalling state of safety in underground mines Jul 31, 2011 

High hazards unit a good start, but more work needed Aug 17, 2011  

Good week for miners Aug 19, 2011 

EPMU welcomes health and safety policy Nov 4, 2011

Stronger mine safety regulations needed June 21, 2012 

Huntly East miners demand elected check inspectors at Solid Energy Jun 22, 2012 

Union renews call for stronger mine safety standards in wake of Waihi fire July 17, 2012

Low Pike River fine sends wrong signal Oct 26, 2012 

EPMU welcomes Pike River report Nov 5, 2012

Miners' union mourns Pike River 29 Nov 19, 2012

Pike River directors' comments disgraceful Nov 21, 2012 

EPMU welcomes Pike River implementation plan Dec 12, 2012 

Court should throw the book at Pike River Coal Ltd Apr 18, 2013 

Pike River consultation encouraging May 23, 2013

Miners' union welcomes Pike River legislation Jun 27, 2013 

Pike River sentencing shows need for corporate manslaughter lawJul 5, 2013