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The EPMU's Electrocomms Industry is the section of the EPMU that represents 6000 New Zealand workers from areas including workers in telecommunications, electrical lines maintenance and internet service providers.

Our current focus is campaigning toward consolidating bargaining within the electrical lines and telecommunications sectors through national company documents and pattern bargaining within both sectors of the industry.

Main documents

The major companies in this sector are North Power, Top Energy, Energex, Siemens, Tenix and Transfield. We have collective agreements with all of these companies, including a mix of regional and national agreements.

We have a national agreement with Transfield that covers all of their field staff. At TelstraClear we have a national agreement for non-contact staff and a call-centre agreement for Wellington and Christchurch members.

Industry Direction

In the electrocomms sector we are aiming for national company documents for the major companies in the industry with a view to improve industry standards through pattern bargaining.

In the overall sector plan we are aiming to increase the reach of collective bargaining by improving union density and spreading industry standards on pay and conditions.

Why join?

The electrical and telecommunications industry is undergoing a boom while workers' pay rates are lagging 30-50% behind Australia. At the same time the industry is facing a serious skills shortage. The conditions are there for a decent wage rise but if you want decent pay and conditions then you need to join the union.

International affiliations

Lines and telecommunications workers in the EPMU are affiliated internationally with the UNI Global Union.

We also work closely in this industry with the Electrical Trades Union in Australia.