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The EPMU's Aviation Industry has more than 4000 members who are covered by 27 collective agreements. The biggest player in the industry is Air New Zealand and its subsidiary companies but the EPMU also has members in ground services company Menzies and in aviation security.

Main documents

The biggest documents in terms of members are all Air New Zealand agreements including the airline's engineering division, its cargo division and its ground handling division. In recent times these collectives have been placed under threat from Air New Zealand's attempts to outsource the work to contractors.

Industry Direction

The EPMU is currently renegotiating the Air New Zealand Engineering Services collective agreement. This is the first time the agreement has been negotiated since the division was restructured in 2006. There are also plans to increase the EPMU's presence in other companies as competition in the industry increases.

Why join?

Aviation is a rapidly changing industry but is making good profits. By joining the EPMU, aviation workers can make sure they see their fair share of those profits but also ensure that they have the best security and protection available and that they are part of a union that has the capacity to keep up with changes in the industry and make sure its members get the best deal possible every time.

International affiliations

Aviation workers in the EPMU are affiliated internationally with the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF).

We also work closely in this industry with the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union and the Australian Workers Union.