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The EPMU's Public Service and Infrastructure Industry is the section of the EPMU that represents more than a thousand New Zealand workers in areas including local government, public utilities, ministerial services and District Health Boards as well as community organisations.

Main employers

The largest employer groups in the EPMU's public service industry are District Health Boards and local councils.

Industry Direction

The focus in Public Services and Infrastructure is on growing union membership as many local government workers do not belong to a union.

During the last Public Services and Infrastructure industry council it was agreed that maintenance trades and stores workers at District Health Boards need a single DHB Multi-Employer Collective Agreement, and organising for this MECA is now underway.

Why join?

The role of local government has increased considerably over the last few years but there are serious issues around terms and conditions and the way these are set. By joining the EPMU and standing together workers in this sector are in a position to make better gains than they can by standing alone.