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The EPMU's Energy & Mining Industry is the section of the EPMU that represents around 2000 New Zealand workers from areas including coal mining, gold mining, iron sand mining, oil exploration and production.

The EPMU's current focus is planning for the renewal of the Coal Mining MECA and establishing strong relationships with Australian oil and gas unions.

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Coal Mining MECA
The Coal Mining MECA covers around 800 coal miners nationwide who work for Solid Energy and its contractors. Union members covered by this MECA regularly get some of the highest pay rises in the country.

NZ Onshore-Offshore Oil Exploration & Drilling MECA
This MECA covers around 400 workers in oil exploration and production in the Taranaki Basin. The major employer parties to the MECA are OMS, Wendell and Brunel, which are the companies that provide labour for the rigs.

Industry Direction

Climate change is a major issue for the Energy & Mining industry. We are currently developing a response to the issue as well as the Emissions Trading Scheme. We are currently working towards a catering MECA for catering workers who service the oil rigs and monitoring future oil prospects where workers could gain coverage from the Oil Exploration & Drilling MECA. We are also lobbying Government for the reintroduction of democratically elected Check Inspectors to improve health and safety in underground mining.

Why join?

Miners covered by the Coal Mining MECA regularly get some of the highest pay increases in the country by standing together as an industry.

The oil exploration and production industry is currently booming and expected to grow even further in the near future. The only way for oil workers to be sure of a decent share of this growth is to stand together with their workmates for a better deal.

Unionised workers have also a greater say in health and safety in the workplace and a united voice to protect our work rights and lobby Government to improve conditions for workers.

International affiliations

The EPMU is affiliated internationally to the International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions (ICEM).

We also work closely in this industry with the CFMEU Mining & Energy division in Australia.