Associate Membership - Want to support unions?

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You’re better off in a union

Union members earn higher wages, have better conditions, more holidays and better job security. They also have more say over what happens at work.

Together we are strong

Unions are one of the few ways that workers can have a voice on the job and influence what happens in their society. When people come together with a common goal in mind, they are far more powerful than when they try to reach goals as individuals. When workers act together they have a better chance of getting what they need at work and beyond.

The benefits most workers receive today are largely the result of what unions have gained in improvements to their members' wages, benefits and working conditions over the last 100 years.

Basic rights for all workers

The following standards have become the basic minimum rights within many workplaces and are now required by law:

  • Minimum wage laws
  • Hours of work (daily and weekly)
  • Overtime pay
  • Holiday pay
  • Basic health and safety rules
  • Workers' compensation
  • Basic anti-discriminatory laws in human rights legislation
  • Severance pay
  • Unemployment benefits
  • Maternity leave and paid parental leave
  • Superannuation

Join the EPMU or become an Associate Member

If your job falls within the relevant industries covered by the EPMU then you can join as a full member .

If you are not eligible to join the EPMU but wish to show your support for unions, you can join as an associate member .

The EPMU has established three categories of associate membership, each with their own area and range of benefits.  You can join as an associate member on-line.  Associate Members do not have voting rights and cannot stand for any elected office in the Union.

Class of membership



General associate membership

$40.00 gross per annum

Password-protected web page, printed and electronic communications, right to member discounts, right to purchase union clothing.

Retired members

$25.00 gross per annum

As above, and where numbers justify a local social event each year.

Student membership

$15.00 gross per annum

As for general associate members.


$40.00 gross per annum

$25.00 gross per annum

$15.00 gross per annum

Category requirements

  • The general associate membership is directed at people who do not fall under any industry or collective coverage we currently have but are people who simply want to support what we do.
  • Retired members are not currently working and that have been a financial member of the EPMU for at least 10 years. 
  • Students must be full-time student and for tertiary students could not be employed in work which the EPMU has industrial coverage (see industries).