Petition to save Cadbury goes global

The petition to save the Dunedin Cadbury factory and the jobs of its workers has gone global.

A local petition/open letter has been circulating online since last Friday and has attracted more than 8000 signatures.

Another petition, launched by the International Food Union, which has joined the campaign to save the factory has attracted another 4000 signatures.

This petition, which includes a letter of protest to Mondelez International’s CEO, Irene Rosenfeld, details the loss of 9000 Cadbury workers worldwide last year.

It says: “The Dunedin factory with its well-known brands produces healthy sales. But for years, Mondelez has vacuumed equity out of the plant by extracting ‘dividends’ which exceed the company’s net income.”

Chas Muir, E tū’s Industry Co-ordinator Food says the numbers signing show the solidarity for Cadbury workers both in New Zealand and globally.

“Mondelez is gaining international infamy for its behaviour, for stripping the guts out of Cadbury plants internationally and throwing their workers to the wolves, with no regard to them, their families and communities”, says Chas.

“It’s great to see the support in these numbers not only in New Zealand but across the world.”

He says E tū organisers and the union’s members at Cadbury would be at Saturday’s rally, organised by the local community and calling on Mondelez to save the factory.


For further information, contact:

Chas Muir E tū Industry Co-ordinator Food ph. 027 204 6383